AER Acoustics


After 8 years, lots of sessions, thousands of hours inside the studio, hundreds of produced tracks, I have come to the conclusion that my best piece of gear and asset is my studio.
I wanted to have the best possible sounding room so I came to Nenad with this project and he designed the space and advised me and my contractors from beginning to end. His plans and instruc- tions were detailed, precise, and very intelligent. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work with him and I am proud to have a studio that looks and sounds this great.

F: mikevalemusic

I`ve heard of a acoustician guy who can transform very inadequate rooms to sound like professional control rooms. In my cellar I had a room build from concrete with very bad size proportions (3,6m X 3,6m X 2,6m... I know) and I wanted to have my creative space there.
I was skeptic while I made a phone call to Nenad to hear what can be done. As a final result I can today work very confidently on Mid-field studio monitors in such room! Later we added two addition 15 ̈ Sub`s, Nenad said it will works. And it did! Whole system works unbelievably great. When I will decide to build a big studio I know who I`m going to call.


Nenad acoustical consulting was invaluable in the process of upgrading the acoustics of my mastering studio” . His experience, expertise and broad knowledge importantly re-shaped the sound of my room for even better musicality and precision. The difference in the “quality” of the soundscape in the room after his input made the low end more punchy and focused and much clearly defined and wider mids & highs.
Overall the upgraded room sounds much more neutral and exciting at the same time, which leads to more musical & precise decisions during the mastering process.  

F: gregor.zemljic

I had a home studio with a sound insulation which was made DIY without knowledge and previous acoustic measurements. I always wanted more ... a place where it would be pleasure to work to be more creative and that my ears could hear sound more analytically with good translation. All I had was a medium garage and it sounded a little crazy to transform that to a good control and recording room. I was aware how much this things cost.
Somebody recommended Nenad to me. I called him and we talked and made a plan what realistically can be done with my garage. Nenad promised me that this will become a totally professional creative environment and mobile even if in the future I `d like to move my studio to some other place.
Yes, It was a lot of work, that`s true. But I still can`t believe that now I have a real PRO studio. I`m extremely happy, Big thanks.

F: cazzafura

Nenad has extensive knowledge of acoustics and years of experi- ence in studio design. His ideas and solutions are creative and detail-focused. There are no coincidences or compromises in his designs.
Low end is tight, mid and high frequencies are clear and detailed. Stereo picture is accurate, allowing me to immediately hear phase anomalies in mix. Now I can really hear every small nuance when tweaking and every piece of equipment in the studio works better than before.
Mixes translate very well on other audio systems which is import- ant for confidence of artist and producer at final mixing decisions. The vibe in the studio is relaxing, the process of recording is inspir- ing and did I mentioned the studio looks amazing too?

F: stalarecordings

Mine first control room was so small that I could not fit in all the outboard I was using. 2,7m x 4,5m x 2,30m was the size of that room.
Stereo picture in this small room was so wide that nobody could believe that this is possible. Nenad manage to balance frequency response of the room like it should be done in any professional studio with much bigger volume.
Now I moved into much bigger room with a proper volume, but the dimensions of the new room are critical 4m x 4,3m x 3,8m.
But again my room is perfectly balanced.
I have seen and worked in many studios and I am completely sure that it is probably one of the very best sounding studios.
Not to mention the enormous sweet spot that is almost as big as the whole room.

F: rslproduction