At AER Acoustics


we consult, design and build acoustic proper spaces for all purposes,

needs and wishes.

  • We can assist with a professional advice only or with professional consulting. We can help just to update and improve your existing room or completely renovate space or even design an entirely new spaces and build them from ground till finish.
  • Planning and designing are in balance with specifical needs, technical requires, architectural conditions, interior expectations and financial efficiency.

  • We build all kind of custom achitectural acoustical enviroments, provide consultation for adequate electronic equipment, electrical installations, climatic environment and finally attend to aesthetic design of space.
  • With our supervision we can assure that every details of the design are considered and optimaly technically accomplished.

Every detail counts !

  • We are especially pleased if we are invited in earliest possible stage of project. With that being done you can save time and obstructions because we can optimally and innovatively consider every single segment in final design. Thus affect in much lower financial investment and efficient results.

  • We can offer designs for classical studio building, especially prefer in house developed and produced commercial acoustical elements, custom modular acoustic systems, mobile studios, and other necessery elements like studio furniture (custom working desks, racks ...), acoustic furniture (acoustical sofas ...) and other smaller but necessary and important products like speaker stands etc.

We devote to all kind of projects, from a tight budget projects to large scale plan.


We are glade to help with designs for recording studios, film & post productions, radio&television, facilities for entertainment & media content, performance spaces, private theaters, multipurpose spaces, public listening & learning environments and other critical listening environments.

Your location is not a litimation. Feel free and contact us- nowadays electronic telecommunicatons made the large distance very close.


Let us know what can we do for you.


  • Nenad Patkovic - founder, acoustic designer, multimedia engineer, studio owner, avid swimmer and mountain hiker.
  • Robert Grubar - co founder, project manager, mechanical engineer, musician, guitar school owner and teacher, executive music producer, studio owner, record label owner, avid road cycler.



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AER Acoustics
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