Elementum Omni Diffusio


Elementum Omni Diffusio


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Two dimensional reflection phase gratings Primitve Root Diffuser "Omni Diffusio" is based on Prof. Em. Dr. Manfred Robert Schroeder number theory and is used for diffusing sound waves by surfaces based on number theoretic principles. Reflections are spread out in time and space. Diffuser is pre - computer optimized to achieve better performance.

Technically speaking whole diffuser consists 4 nested diffusers in one nested array of 4 diffusers; 2 positives and 2 negatives, each with prime number 73 which means 72 different wells lengths, so complete compounded diffuser has 288 wells. Each positive and negative segment is rotated for 90 degree opposite each other and MLS pseudo random sequence is used to orient next diffuser in array to create a periodic sequence and seriously minimize lobing effect. Diffuser provides very uniform omnidirectional diffusion in mid and high frequency regions.

The sound energy is spread very evenly in a given space. Diffusion prevents over-deadening, flutter echo and virtually enhence sense of space.

Front of the diffuser can be also wrapped in a speaker grill cloth to cover surface as well preserve function of it . Cloth is available in many different colours. It can be printed with graphics or photos.

2D PRD diffuser is made from natural furniture grade beech or Triplochiton scleroxylon solid wood (known as abachi, obeche, wawa, ayousand and samba). This wood is very stable and light so it can create bigger complexed weightless asymetrical constructions.
Diffuser is impregnated with natural tung oil.

Dimensions: 595mm X 595mm X 170mm, preprared for T-Bar System grid.

Specifications: scatter from 500Hz, uniform omnidirectional diffusion from 1000Hz to 6000Hz

Weight of diffuser made from beech: 24kg

Weight of diffuser made from Triplochiton scleroxylon: 13kg

Also available in different depth and dimensions for different diffusion characteristics.

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